Lagos Traffic
Information System

The Lagos Traffic Information System (LATIS) is the first real-time traffic information system in Africa.


Lagos, Africa’s most populous city, is one of the most congested places in the world. Polls have also consistently shown that traffic is often cited by Lagosians as the worst part about living in the city. In addition, traffic decreases the overall productivity of the citizens and erodes their quality of life. Inevitably, this leads to reduced economic productivity of the city as a whole.

Our solution

LATIS is a public service infrastructure system that tackles traffic congestion by informing commuters about traffic news and also helps travellers adjust their daily travel schedules. LATIS’ innovative technology is supported by road sensors and surveillance cameras, a first in Nigeria, and follows GLP’s overarching investment strategy of Creating Shared Value.


The introduction of LATIS has substantiallly reduced congestion in key locations across Lagos State. LATIS’ innovative technology and real-time traffic solutions have also enabled data gathering around traffic hotspots, creating further avenues for road rehabilitation and adequate deployment of traffic personnel.

For us at Grace Lake Partners, we are committed to inspiring and innovating in order to expand and realise the potential of Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.”

Jide Odunsi, Co-Founder