Medical Outreach

Given the lack of access to quality healthcare in Lagos among low-earning workers, GLP regularly conducts medical outreach programmes across the city.


Awareness about access to affordable and quality healthcare is very limited amongst low-earning workers. This segment of the population often do not know where to go for healthcare advice or refrain from seeking medical attention due to affordability concerns.

Our solution

A grassroots approach to leveraging the medical staff and resources within GLP’s pharmacy and walk-in clinics network to educate low-earning workers, and address long standing challenges in Nigeria’s healthcare industry – expensive medication, counterfeit drugs, absence of professionalism and misdiagnosis. Express Pharmacy and Dr. Express target mid and lower-earning Lagosians – who make up 70% of the state’s population.


The medical outreach programmes have collectively helped over 5,000 people across Lagos, all of whom benefitted from a range of free medical services including eye screenings, family-planning health talks, blood sugar and blood pressure checks, and free advice from trained medical doctors.

As African entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to link our company’s success with social progress, providing a clear sense of purpose to our entrepreneurial endeavours by addressing the continent’s major challenges.”

Ladi Delano, Co-Founder, Grace Lake Partners