Public Toilets

In an effort to improve access to quality public facilities for the average Lagosian, GLP commissioned ultra-modern toilets strategically located across the busiest traffic hubs in the state. The toilets offer state-of-the-art technology, including hygenic, self-cleaning features.


Access to proper, well maintained and hygienic public facilities has been a persistent issue for many people in Lagos, with existing infrastructure being either non-existent or poorly maintained.

Our solution

GLP commissioned state-of-the-art public toilets, which are strategically located across locations with heavy foot traffic. The toilets offer features that rival those of public facilities found in some of the world’s most developed cities.


The public toilets have significantly improved the well-being of travellers and people in the local areas, providing access to hygenic and well-maintained facilities. At the same time, the facilities have created a number of employment opportunities for service and maintenance staff.

As African entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to link our company’s success with social progress, providing a clear sense of purpose to our entrepreneurial endeavours by addressing the continent’s major challenges.”

Ladi Delano, Co-Founder, Grace Lake Partners