The Redeemed Christian church of God Restoration Worship Center situated at 223, Agege Motor Road had their annual medical outreach for people within the Mushin area in order to reach out to people that can’t afford the medical needs and cater for there health challenges due to financial circumstances on 6th Oct 2018.

Express Pharmacy support the event as part of our corporate social responsibility by making available some drugs toward the success of the outreach. The most important area for us was to use the event as a case study to understand the people within the locality when it comes to medical needs.

During the brand engagement we shared flyers for people to understand our products offering, tests and services. The FREE Dr. Express medical consultation gives people hope that they can continue getting such services after the medical outreach.

The following services were offered during the outreach, Eye Screening, Medications, Random blood Sugar test, HIV test, Hepatitis B test, and Blood pressure check.

Key Objectives

  • 􏰁Leverage on the medical outreach and use it as case study to understand people perceptions regarding medical needs which will give us consumer insight regarding the Medical Ecosystem of the area.
  • 􏰁Opportunity for brand engagement before the opening of the store in Mushin.
  • 􏰁Customer equity data collections and collations integration process.
  • 􏰁On ground customer’s activations assessment.

Learning Process from the Activation

  • 􏰁It very important for us to understand the sagacity of this area because there exist wide gaps of medical needs for people within this area based on the large turnout of people with respect to the medical outreach.
  • We need to be careful with respect to our assortment of drugs because large percentage of the people are within low-income group in Mushin.
  • Free Medical consultation will be the game changer for us considering the purchasing power of the community my opinion will be it better for us to make available at least two consultation rooms for a start.
  • Create more awareness within the community in order to get more traffic toward the store.

Benefits of Activation

  • More direct consumer’s awareness
  • Data gathering and collation Better Understanding of the Ecosystem.
  • Better Understanding of the Ecosystem.