Dr Express

Dr. Express is a chain of walk-in clinics across Lagos, staffed by qualified medical doctors available for private consultation.


Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa is often characterised by a high cost of access to quality service and lack of professionally trained personnel.

Our Solution

Dr. Express offers an unprecedented healthcare service in Nigeria – a chain of walk-in clinics staffed by qualified medical doctors who are available for private consultation. Dr. Express clinics democratize healthcare by bridging the gap between affordability and quality, with an ultimate aim to provide every African with quality healthcare that is accessible to everyone, irrespective of their socio-economic status.


  • Dr. Express targets lower and lower-middle income Africans who have limited access to quality healthcare.
  • Dr. Express offers a guaranteed rapid turnaround time, from registration through to consultation and exit, and charges highly competitive prices for additional tests.
  • Dr. Express has partnerships with pre-accredited facilities and can refer patients to other required care which is beyond the clinic’s scope.

As African entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to link our company’s success with social progress, providing a clear sense of purpose to our entrepreneurial endeavours by addressing the continent’s major challenges.”

Ladi Delano, Co-Founder, Grace Lake Partners

Shared Value Projects

Medical Outreach

Given the lack of access to quality healthcare in Lagos among low-earning workers, GLP regularly conducts medical outreach programmes across the city. The medical outreach programmes have collectively helped over 5,000 people across Lagos, all of whom benefitted from a range of free medical services including eye screenings, family-planning health talks, blood sugar and blood pressure checks, and free advice from trained medical doctors.

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