Express Pharmacy

Express Pharmacy is a chain of pharmacy stores across Lagos. Each location offers its customers the lowest prices within a 2km radius, a guarantee of quality drugs, and world-class service in a bright, air-conditioned store.


In the pharmaceutical retail sector, between 30 -50% of all drugs that are bought and sold are counterfeit, and prices can fluctuate erratically. In addition, pooly trained pharmicists often result in the wrong medication being prescribed.

Our solution

A pharmaceutical retail chain for low and middle-income earners which delivers everyday low prices, authentic drugs, well-trained pharmacists, and a consulting room for medical officers in each store. Express Pharmacy stores create job opportunities for young people to become pharmacists, technicians, cashiers, and security guards, and helps to revitalize and raise the standards of the wider healthcare industry in Lagos.


  • Express Pharamcy opened its first store in 2018.
  • The chain is now the 5th largest in Lagos and serves 300,000 customers across the state.
  • Today, Express Pharmacy has multiple locations across Lagos.

For us at Grace Lake Partners, we are committed to inspiring and innovating in order to expand and realise the potential of Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.”

Jide Odunsi, Co-Founder, Grace Lake Partners