JCDecaux Grace Lake

JCDecaux Grace Lake is an exclusive partnership operating in Nigeria’s outdoor advertising industry.


Lagos is one of the world’s most congested cities, scoring poorly compared to megacities in other emerging and frontier-market countries. Nigeria is second-worst for time spent in traffic during a commute, which affects quality of life and economic output.

Our solution

A joint venture with JCDecaux, the world’s largest outdoor media company to introduce real-time traffic information to Lagosians to highlight congestion, estimate arrival times, suggest alternative routes, and regulate traffic flow.


  • Since 2018, JCDecaux Grace Lake has deployed world-class digital screens across Lagos State creating the largest digital billboard network in West Africa.
  • Using this digital network, JCDecaux Grace Lake has also launched LATIS, a traffic information system supplemented with a network of road sensors and cameras on the busiest roads in Lagos to provide timely travel information to local commuters.
  • In addition, the company has also provided other impact-led, revenue generating public services: state of the art bus shelters and automated toilets.

As African entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to link our company’s success with social progress, providing a clear sense of purpose to our entrepreneurial endeavours by addressing the continent’s major challenges.”

Ladi Delano, Co-Founder, Grace Lake Partners

Shared Value Projects

Lagos Traffic Information System (LATIS)

The first real time Traffic Information System in Sub-Saharan Africa, developed and delivered by JCDecaux Grace Lake. LATIS became operational on 21st June 2018 and is currently deployed by the Lagos State government as a solution designed to ease traffic congestion in Lagos.

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Public Toilets

In an effort to improve access to quality public facilities for the average Lagosian, GLP commissioned ultra-modern toilets strategically located across the busiest traffic hubs in the state. The toilets offer state-of-the-art technology, including hygenic, self-cleaning features.

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