Age: 17 years
Institution: Babcock University.     
Course: Economics

Grace-Lake Cares Partners Foundation has changed my life by helping me embark on the journey to achieve the most prominent goal of my life; to  study as far as possible so as to make my mark, be the best and provide multiple need-base services for the world’s ever growing economic society as an economist.
Through the Foundations noble generosity, I have attained greater heights in the sense that Babcock University is helping me to achieve greater intellectual development in the form of deeper knowledge of discipline, ability to understand complexity, greater personal and social growth, moral reasoning, interpersonal skill and a good career development. At the same time, Grace-Lake Partners Cares Foundation have offered me guidance and access to new ideas, explorable opportunities and advanced personal efficacy.

These goals of mine would not have come through without the generous support the Foundation is providing for me.

I deeply appreciate the nobility in which the Foundation have and continue to sponsor me.