Oxford-Grace Lake Scholarship

Country of nationality: Nigeria
College: St Benet’s Hall

‘After graduating with a degree in Agricultural Development, I took up roles in Agribusiness firms in Business Operations, Research, and Project Management. I decided to pursue an MBA to expand my thinking and prepare for the next level of my career. The intellectual stimulation and breadth of new skills the programme offers coupled with its Africa focus made Oxford an irresistible choice. I am confident this will serve as a platform for me to explore my interests around strategic problem solving, social finance, impact investment, and ethical business practices. I am confident that the MBA programme will equip me with tools needed to solve problems in my continent that would impact millions. I look forward to learning, sharing and collaborating with incredible people from more than 60 countries across the world. 

Given that I took the first step towards an MBA because a friend received support for his; I am most grateful to receive support. The scholarship brought me closer to achieving my dream, and I am confident that it will spur many others from a similar background to pursue their goals. The financial support made the process less overwhelming, and I look forward to paying it forward in the future.’