Age: 19 

GLP cares has been a lot to me, ranging from sponsoring me to a world class university,  providing counsel, making me aspire to become the best i can be, God has bestowed me with his mercy using GLP CARES foundation. I would not know that a life like this could possibly exist, where there is enlightenment and opportunity for those who seek them and an entirely different set of people compared to the once I grew up with.

I am the first child in a family of four my dad is an engineer , my mum is a fashion designer, I had my primary and secondary education in Air force primary school and kuramo college respectively, during the holiday I usually assist my dad at work which was very tedious and most time I wonder how I’m going to end up having a better life outside their struggles. I decided to face my studies, learn some trades and try all in my capacity to get ahead, fortunately for me I did well in my JAMB and WASSCE with the help of my teachers in secondary school and the extra lessons I received in GLP foundation.

I’m now a beneficiary in GLP foundation. Thank you GLP foundation for being the support I needed to go this far.