Age: 24
Education: First Degree NCE, SSCE, and Primary School
Present school: Babcock University
Level: 200
Course of study: BSC (HONS) Public Health

In the year 2014 there was an insurgency in Borno State that brought a state of homeless, depression, full of anxieties, dissociate opportunities from my love ones, no hope to farther education. Life continues going wrong anywhere, till Grace Lake Partner Cares Foundation restored my beautiful smiles back to life. GLP cares foundation gave me more opportunities, and also helped me to realized, visualized my dream to become someone important to the society, community, Africa and worldwide was real. 

In the early 2018 GLPCF – wiped away my tears by granting me a FULL SCHOLARSHIP   to study my first degree in Babcock University Ogun State Nigeria, where I’m presently gaining knowledge to make a positive impacts and change the society and world at large.

God Bless Grace Lake Partner Cares Foundation,

God Bless Babcock University, and Nigeria,

Thank You.