Age: 19,
School: Convenant University
Level: 200
Course: Economics

Background :
I am going to start by saying thank God for this opportunity. I am the third child of six children of my parents. I am from Ondo State. I graduated from KITH AND KIN SECONDARY SCHOOL in the year 2016. I was home for two years before GLP Cares Foundation brought me in. Now i am in Covenant University thanks to them. I definitely went through a lot during these years that I was home but I used it as an opportunity to find myself. At this point I worked for more than a year under my makeup mentor, was a makeup artist for her until I was independent enough to be on my own. I learnt how to tolerate different people with different attitudes. I have been privileged to meet a lot of people during that time and I am grateful to God that I overcame the fact that most of my mates were in the university and I was not. I remember someone telling me that there was a reason for this pause in my life, who knew that I would be here at this point. I also remember that I was going for some classes here and there trying to update my knowledge before mine became obsolete. I also went for ATS classes (Accounting technicians Scheme), just to keep my head busy. That is a short story about the PELUMI OKI i am today.

How GLP Cares Foundation Has Helped Me:
I will use this opportunity to say thank you for this grace you have given us, truly, I am happy I found GLP. Not only did they provide us with free lectures but also brought us to the best schools in Nigeria. GLP exposed us not only to knowledge pertaining education but also morals and discipline. They provided us with a conducive environment and I can say anywhere in this world that they are the most considerate people I have met in this world, I am most grateful. The teachers they put in charge of us too were hardworking and they impacted a lot into us, we are most grateful